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The Sexiest Dirty Talk Roleplaying Scenarios

What do men want? If I had a nickel for every time a woman had asked that question, I would be the richest person on the planet. Figuring out what men want is the hardest part – but giving them what they want can be easy!

When it comes to roleplaying, you can give your man anything at all. Does he have a fetish that involves the Knights of the Round Table? Start looking for a round table and a fair maiden’s gown! Does he want to pick up a hooker? Start trying on those eight-inch heels and those leather miniskirts. You can fulfill any fantasy with your imagination.

What are the most common dirty talk role playing scenarios? Read on and tell us if your man prefers one of these…

The Virgin. It’s a desire of men everywhere – the inexperienced woman who looks to him to show her the ways of love. Playing the virgin takes only some demure lingerie, preferably white, and an angelic attitude. It also involves staying in character and remaining that shy, tentative woman until your man unleashes the tiger he just knows is there.

The Hooker. This one is pretty self-explanatory: Men get turned on by the thought of naughty, forbidden sex. So invest in those impossibly high heels, purchase lingerie that gives him a naughty glimpse, and pretend the bedpost is a stripper’s pole. Better yet, get a stripper’s pole. Your man will never want to leave the bedroom.

The Threesome. One of the biggest male fantasies is pleasuring more than one woman at a time. You can make this happen with a blindfold, a little imagination and something called a “pocket pussy,”  a toy that simulates a woman’s vagina. Talk him through the threesome scenario and watch how he reacts!

The Dominatrix. Men love to be controlled from time to time. This is especially true of men who are in high-powered jobs or have a great deal of responsibility. The thought of that power being “taken away” from them by an even stronger woman is a very appealing idea. So break out the leather, the whip, and the bondage. As the dominatrix, it’s all about control, and sex is the gateway – you can have so much fun with this!

The Stranger. Finally, who hasn’t fantasized about a stranger? The thought of picking up someone in a bar and taking them back to the hotel room for wild, anonymous sex is the kind of thing that became taboo when he got into a serious relationship with you. So now is the time to give back a little of that by becoming the stranger yourself! Ask him to meet you at a lounge, order drinks for him, and take on a persona that he doesn’t know at all. Soon you will be handing him your room key, and having a wild romp upstairs!

Which scenario fits your man’s desire? Choose one, give it a go tonight, and tell us how it went!

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