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Better Sex – Relax, Tense, Repeat Method To Better Orgasms.

There are few people on the planet that won’t be interested in learning how to improve the orgasm. Even those that already have great orgasms would be keen on discovering just what else one can do to improve already great orgasms. If this is an area where you are having trouble, or just want to see some improvement on something already fantastic, you may want to read these tips to the physical things that you can do to make your finish line and explosion you won’t forget. It’s called the Relax, Tense, Repeat method, and will work every single time. The equilibrium or balance between relaxation and tension is key to a successful and explosive orgasm.

1. Relax. Whether you are going solo or with a partner, your orgasm is not going to be a good one if you don’t start off relaxed. Perhaps you can use some additional tools for this, as clearing your mind of anything but the end game is your only priority here. A glass of wine, a long bath, or a little bit of both. Turn off all electronics (unless you are bringing battery operated company with you) and shut the world out for a little bit. Unwind. Relax. Breathe. And get ready for a good time.

2. Tense. Here is where you need to take control of what is happening to the muscles that are assisting your orgasm. Muscle contraction is the tool that will help keep the tautness you need to achieve that end game. Most women are very good at the relaxation, but the tension in your muscles works for you not against you. Lying there until it’s over is not the way to the best orgasm. If you tense certain muscles, you will find the waves that much more exciting. Some women use all body parts – thighs, legs, buttocks, anything. When you tense your muscles during sexual activity, you are priming your body for whatever comes next. Kegels of course as well play a large role as well. By tightening these muscles right before you climax, you will be amazed at the end result.

3. Repeat. You can not focus on the tension necessary for a wonderful orgasm if you are thinking of something else. It is physically and mentally impossible. Put your thoughts on other issues away, and focus ONLY on what your body is doing. By doing that, your attention is on the fun at hand, and you are better able to control those muscle contractions. Soon enough, you will find you won’t have any control on those contractions at all, as your body will finish the work for you, and quite sweetly at that. The more you practice these steps, the sooner it will become second nature to you and you won’t have to think about it at all.

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