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The Oldest Dirty Talk Question on the Books – Was it Good for You?

Ah yes, the age old question, ‘was it good for you?’ Today, this question comes in a variety of forms, and even the shyest couples that traditionally don’t engage in heated dirty talk will find themselves running across this question at one point or another. But what does this question really mean, and what is the most appropriate way to answer it? Many people have different meanings to this question, but at the end of the day, this question most often means ‘did you or didn’t you cross the finish line?’

At the same time, answering this question can be tricky, depending on the experience or situation that preceded it, as well as who you are with at the time. Answer this question poorly, and no matter how much you like your partner, this may be the last chance you have to respond to this specific question. Answer it with enthusiasm, and well, you may find yourself with many more long and happy nights ahead of you.

But what does it MEAN? In most cases, the meaning of this question is individually specific. Meaning, what one person defines it as may be different from the other. There are partners who are only concerned about your satisfaction, and so whether or not they cross the finish line, if you have, then they have had a successful night. On the other hand, there are partners who may think it was good so long as THEY crossed the finish line.

How do you know the difference? You will know by how attentive, or not, your partner is in the bedroom. If they spend more time on you than on themselves, they are more concerned with your level of fun than theirs. If you had a great time, that is all they need.

And how do you answer? Well, there are many ways to go about this one, but at the end of the day, just tell them how you are feeling, or the first explosive thought that crosses your mind once you DO reach the finish line. An enthusiastic ‘Oh my god, am I still conscious?’ will send the message that it definitely WAS good for you. And well, if you didn’t quite make it, innocent fibbing isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Simply say ‘that was fun! But maybe next time we can try **insert desired action or dirty phrase here**’. This sends the message that you enjoyed the time spent with them, but need a little extra push the next time around.
How you answer this question will depend entirely on you and your partner and how you are both involved in the relationship. It’s not the toughest question to answer, but you do want to handle it with as much sensitivity as possible.

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