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The Most Romantic Dirty Talk – Is It Time for the L-Word?

LoveValentine’s Day usually brings out the romantic in us. It’s a time of sharing the wonders of love (and lust!) with those who matter the most. It is often a reminder of just how wonderful our lover is, and this day set aside to commemorate how you feel about them can make you start to really evaluate just what they mean to you.

Now might be a good time to consider saying the one thing you’ve been avoiding…those three little words that mean so much, and can change a relationship forever.

Is it time for the L-word?

Telling someone you love them is not to be taken or given lightly. In a world where sex is easy to find and relationships are tough to maintain, inserting the word “love” into your conversation with your partner is much like jumping off the high dive. You are scared to death at first, but once you do it, you realize the water really does feel just fine, after all.

How can you incorporate that scary word into your conversation without freaking your lover out? The truth is, there isn’t much chance of that. Telling someone you love them will either make or break your relationship, so evaluate the situation long and hard before you take that leap. For instance, telling your fuck buddy you love them might lead to serious consequences, since there was probably an understanding from the beginning. But if you are dating and you are both free to make a deeper commitment, hearing the words “I love you” could launch your new relationship into a serious, enduring bond.

So how do you say it? Valentine’s Day is the best time to declare your love, and there are so many different ways to do it! A favorite is telling your lover while you are in bed together, especially if the lovemaking is fraught with emotion and caring. You can always say it in a card, spell it out with chocolates, or write it on the mirror in bright red lipstick. You can whisper it in her ear or shout it out loud in public — though the shouting part shouldn’t take place unless you know just how she is going to react!

If you’re not quite ready to say the big word yet, tell your partner that you’re close. “I could fall in love with you right now,” is a good way to give a heads-up without freaking them out completely, and it allows both of you the chance to cool things if you feel you’re moving too fast.

Are you ready to take advantage of the day of Love? The most romantic dirty talk ever is made up of three little words. Is it time to take it to the next level?

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