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The Lost Art Of The Quickie

Have you ever noticed how long-term couples lose the affinity for quickies? Having a quickie used to mean getting it on in the closet at a party or even in the bathroom on an airplane – if you were flexible enough, of course. Quickies used to be the kind of thing you did right before his parents pulled into the driveway for Sunday brunch, or what heated you up during those ten minutes before you both had to get into the car and go to work.

But as time goes on, quickies fall to the wayside. And that’s sad, because sometimes our busy lives allow us to only have quickies! When you’ve got fifteen minutes for some nooky, you have to jump at it – because if you don’t, by the time the bills are paid and the kids are in bed and the work is done, you are both too tired to think about anything other than how early that alarm is going to go off the next morning.

So, for the good of your sex life (and your sanity!), why not bring the quickie back to life?

Start with easing back into the quickie idea. Yeah, it might seem like the kind of thing you’re too “mature” for now, but wait a minute – it’s still fun, right? Rekindle that fun with a kiss that lasts for three minutes. It might seem like three minutes isn’t much, but stop right now and look at your clock. Sit there for three minutes and stare at it. Don’t worry, we’ll wait…

Welcome back! Now that you know how long three minutes can be, can you imagine the sexual heat that can be turned up by kissing that long? Most long-term couples get away with a kiss or two here and there, and they usually last for a second or even less. Wake your lover up with a kiss that will leave him gasping for air!

Then, make a date. Yes, it seems very unromantic, but in this busy day and age, a date for anything seems a necessity. And what better date than to play with your partner? Choose a time when you will both be home, and available, and relatively free of distractions. We’re not talking about a long session that includes lots of lovemaking and foreplay – we’re talking about a hard-core quickie that revs you both up fast!

If you have fifteen minutes before the bus drops the kids off, get down to it! Do you have ten minutes in the morning before he gets into the shower? Climb on top! Do you have a moment or two when you’re both at home during lunch, before you go back to your respective workplaces? That kitchen table is good for more than dinner, honey.

Reinvent the quickie. Once you’ve done it a few times, you will crave something more…and maybe you will find the time to carve out an hour or two, or even a whole weekend. Your love life is worth it!

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Confident, fun, well-rounded and sexy. Those are words that describe author Denise Brienne, a thirty-something woman who has a knack for giving the best advice to those who want to spice up their intimate relationships.

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  1. Right on the money with this post! If more married couples or couples in long term relationships spiced up their bedroom romps by having 10 mins in the downstairs cloakroom, then there wouldn’t be so much lying and cheating going on.

    Really enjoyed this post, thanks.

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