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The Lost Art Of Kissing

Ahhh the art of kissing… remember when you and your partner first met? You couldn’t keep your hands off each other! Kissing until neither one of you could breathe was probably the norm. Those passionate touches conveyed everything – how you felt, what you wanted, and how you wanted to give it to them. You could tell your partner all about your desires simply through the power of your kiss.

But as time went on, you lost that kissing spark. Maybe life got too busy for anything more than a peck on the cheek. Maybe kissing seemed like a prelude to sex, and that was it – the satisfaction wasn’t in the kissing anymore, but in what it led to afterward.

When you kiss your partner, you are forcing yourself to slow down. You are making time for pure and unadulterated sensation, the kind of feeling that can make you tingle right down to your toes. It might be easy to let your mind wander to other things you want to do, but that diminishes the power of kissing. Giving your partner that sexy smooch means being present in the moment and letting go of all other thoughts – all you are doing is feeling the sensation.

Do you want to bring back that kissing fire? Here are a few tips to get you started back on the road to a time when foreplay was the main event!

Five minutes. Doesn’t seem like a long time, does it? But when you’re kissing, five minutes is much longer than you think. A peck on the cheek only takes one or two seconds. A brief kiss on the mouth might be three or four seconds, tops. In comparison, five minutes is a long, slow ride. Plan to kiss your partner for five minutes straight – set a timer if you have to. You might be surprised by how quickly the kiss turns your legs to jelly and makes your heart pound with anticipation.

Just kiss! But don’t do anything else. Stop right there! Part of the joy of kissing is in knowing that is all you are going to do. Remember how it was before you had sex, when kissing was the only sensual contact you had? By forcing yourself to forgo sex for a time, you take both of you back to that place of heady anticipation and want.

Once again, with feeling! The next day, kiss again. This time, do it for at least five minutes, and throw in some experimentation along the way. When is the last time you nibbled on your lover’s lower lip? The last time you kissed that sweet spot at the corner of their mouth? Now is the time! Let your tongue do the exploring.

Repeat, then repeat again. Make a point of kissing every day for at least five minutes. Don’t be surprised if these sessions lead to increased desire for both of you…and when that leads to a better sex life and intimacy, you will understand again the power of a simple, loving kiss.

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