The Hottest Places To Get Your Groove On

sex on the beachYou know how great your sex can be if you throw dirty talk into the mix. But what if you throw in that dirty talk while you are getting it on in an unusual place? Sometimes the hottest taboos lead to the best sex you can imagine!

The Beach. If you can stand a little sand in places where sand was never meant to go, you can have a great time. You can also whip out that pirate and maiden fantasy while you’re there. (I prefer something involving Johnny Depp was the pirate, but hey, that’s just me.)

In the Car. Okay, so the idea of “road head” might be a thrill, but there’s no doubt it’s not safe. In fact, part of the reason it seems so hot is because there is a distinct chance of…well, serious damage in so many ways. But if you are getting it on in the backseat of a parked car, well, that’s something to shout about! (Or to keep quiet about, assuming the cops check the lover’s lanes.)

Nightclubs. All those hot, sweaty bodies packed tightly in one space, gyrating to the throbbing music? It’s a sex orgy waiting to happen! Getting it on with a perfect stranger in a nightclub bathroom can involve lots of raunch and plenty of dirty talk sex to last…well, long enough to get you over to the next nightclub!

In a Cab. There might not be anything sexy about a cab, but having sex in a cab is a whole different story. An understanding (and horny) cab driver might have no problem with watching you in the rearview mirror while you get it on, thus feeding your exhibitionist tendencies. Can you say something naughty enough to make that seasoned cab driver blush?

On a boat. What better way to play the maiden on the high seas than with the rocking of a boat during fair weather? The wild smell of salt water, the sun-kissed bodies, and the roughness of a sailor’s hands can turn any boating excursion into a thrill ride. If you’re into luxury, play the star-crossed Titanic lovers while you take a cruise to a sun-drenched destination.

On a plane. Forget those cramped bathrooms and the fear of turbulence. Get it on by renting a private plane for a few hours and paying the pilot a nice chunk of change for his or her discretion. Mile high club, here we come!


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    In the car in parking lot where you work….

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