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The Four Big Mistakes Men Make in Bed

When it comes to making it in the bedroom, men can usually figure out what women want if they pay close attention. But there are some blunders that almost every man makes, at least at first — and those blunders can be quite off-putting to women, even if we think the world of you.

So, without further ado, the sex blunders men need to be aware of — and how they can avoid the mistakes.

Rushing things. The more time you spend seducing your woman, engaging her in foreplay, and taking pleasures in the whole of her body, instead of just the naughty bits, the more likely she is to respond easily to you when it does come down to intercourse. Pay attention to both the verbal and non-verbal cues, and if you aren’t sure, just ask! Women love to know that you care enough to try to please.

Practicing porn. You might be tempted to try out the latest moves you’ve seen in that great porn film — but don’t do it. She will know that jackhammer position is from the porn film, and she might feel like a slut — but in the wrong kind of way. Again, take direction from her, and when she’s ready to get into those porn positions, she will let you know. In the meantime, listen and learn!

Forget the sensual. Sexuality is wonderful, but it goes hand-in-hand with sensuality. So do sensual things before you even hit the bedroom — light the candles, turn on the music, take her hand, and dance your way into her sexy thoughts. Don’t go for the gold until she’s revved up!

Looking around. The last thing your woman needs to hear is that you’re interested in someone else, and she certainly doesn’t need to see you checking out a short skirt when you go out in public together. Of course, you’re going to look — but make a point of keeping it to yourself. Don’t damage a good thing by chasing tail somewhere else.

Next week, we’ll talk about the four big mistakes women make in bed — yes, we’re not always right!

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