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The Do’s of Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is an exciting part of any relationship, and it could mean all the difference between keeping an ordinary relationship at the status quo, or taking things ‘to the next level’ and really spicing up your love life. But many women are afraid to take this plunge because they feel they will be perceived as a ‘slut’ or become diminished in their partner’s eyes. The truth is, men watch porn and love watching naughty girls, so it goes without saying that a little dirty talk will go a long way with your man. A large part of the turn on of dirty talk for men is that finally men will get some sexy feedback on how things are going.

But, as with everything, there are a few gold standards you should apply before you begin, particularly if you are a little nervous. The first rule of thumb here is to be yourself, but add a little extra spice, and just enough to surprise him without going over the top.
If for example you are not the kind of girl who swears like a trucker over lunch with the PTA, then tossing in a few dirty words at the onset of play will definitely perk up his ears and make him wonder what else you’ve got to say.

Another quick icebreaker…is to feel him out with little texts or emails on the day you want to surprise him with your new vocabulary. You don’t necessarily need profanity, just send a very quick note or text saying something as simple as ‘I can’t wait to have you inside me tonight.’ You will find that you won’t even need to do much ‘work’ after that, as he may just take the ball and run with it.

A lot of women worry that dirty talk sounds too cheesy when said out loud. In this case, you will follow the rule of timing is everything. Yes, dirty talk is cheesy, say it over grilled chicken one night and it could fall like a rock in water. Use a few key phrases appropriately timed in the heat of the moment, and your man will think he’s got a sex goddess on his hands. Even if you ARE the President of the PTA.

The bottom line is, if you are a good girl in your everyday life, but turn into a naughty one at night, your man will be impressed. So impressed he will keep coming back for more. And if you find that he’s bragging to his buddies about it, don’t be offended. That’s quite the compliment, so job well done.

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