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The Dirty Talk Puzzle Game

Have you ever noticed how now and then, no matter how hard you try, things get a bit stale in the bedroom? The best way to remedy that is to bring back the laughter and fun!

Remember when sex meant lying in bed all day, talking between bouts of lovemaking, and laughing yourselves silly? You can have that again. You just have to find the spark to ignite that playful fire.

When your partner comes home tonight, be ready for him with the Dirty Talk Puzzle Game.

Start by writing out clues that will lead him to where you are. Put the first note on the front door, explaining that he has to follow the clues before he gets the prize. In the meantime, you will be in the bedroom, waiting patiently for him to gather the appropriate things by using the clues.

The first clue might lead him to the place where you keep the ice cubes…the freezer, of course. He might find a dish of ice cubes there, with a note to take the cubes and go to the second place…perhaps where you keep the massage oil. He might have to search a bit to find it in the cabinet in the bathroom – with a note attached, telling him to bring a few towels as well, and go to the place where you send him emails…that leads to putting your next note on the computer screen, and direct him to do something in particular.

This is a great way to prepare him for what you really want. If you have a fetish for certain things, this gets him involved without you actually having to ask for it. Maybe you want to be tied up…lead him to the garage, where you have stuck a note to a convenient length of soft rope. Or maybe you have a serious fetish for a certain position? On that computer screen, have a snippet of a porn video…and on your note, tell him to go into the bedroom, not say a word, and give you exactly what he’s seeing.

You can even turn it into a reward game…the more he finds, the more favors he gets from you when he goes to the bedroom. Better yet, make it a “find the prize” game – where are you hiding? Rent a room in your local hotel and send him to various places before he finds where you went. When he does get there, give him a stunning evening he won’t forget!

You can do anything with the game…be creative, tailor it to fit your own life, and you might be surprised at how quickly the spark returns to your bedroom fun!

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Confident, fun, well-rounded and sexy. Those are words that describe author Denise Brienne, a thirty-something woman who has a knack for giving the best advice to those who want to spice up their intimate relationships.

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  1. That would be an exciting way to reignite your sex life. I guess, it is similar to the TV show, “The Amazing Race” to some extent. Individual partners can add their own “clues”, “tools” etc to customize it to suit your erotic fantasies and sexual fetishes!

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