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The Best Revenge Is Great Dirty Talk

Unfortunately, too many of us know the feeling. You have just broken up with your partner, or been unceremoniously dumped, and you feel like the most undesirable person on the planet. There is no one to catch your fall, and after the tears are spent and your sadness gives way to anger, you have one thought:

It’s time to get back at the asshole who hurt you so badly!

You’ve heard the best revenge is living well. But what about fucking well? I don’t know a single person who has ever been dumped that didn’t want one last hop in the sack with their ex for the sole purpose of blowing their mind. They wanted to pull out every trick in the book and then some, just to show their idiot ex-partner how much they were giving up by walking away.

So now is the perfect time to rev up the dirty talk and say things that can make your partner blush…and get them off, of course. One last time for the mind-blowing orgasm you are going to give them before they won’t get another one from you, ever, as long as they live!

How do you find the perfect dirty talk combination to get them hot and bothered? Simple…go places you have never gone before. No matter how hot your dirty talk was before you split, find ways to make it even hotter. For instance, once you get your partner in bed for that last goodbye fuck, tell them that the night they left you had a bit too much to drink…and you wound up fucking that neighbor they had always thought was so damn hot. Tell them, in detail, what you did and where you did it. Get them so horny that they can’t imagine why they left someone as hot as you…and of course, when it’s all said and done, show them to the door and tell them to lose your number.

Another option is to focus on their biggest fantasy and play it out. Were you always afraid to invite their best friend into bed with you? Whisper in their ear about exactly what you would do to their best friend, and how you would do it, and what role they would play in the fun sexual romp. Use it as the catalyst for the best lovemaking you have ever had, and then toss them out on their ass with the parting shot about making that fantasy come true — for YOU, not for them!

The whole point of amping up the dirty talk is to make your partner wish they had what they gave up…so find the one thing that they always wanted and growl it into their ear the next time you are with them. Revenge never sounded so sweet!

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