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The Best I Ever Had

true dirty storiesBelow is another great “true sex story” from one of our readers. Keep your dirty stories cuming because anyone who submits a true, original story gets a free copy of my Best Selling Book “How To Talk Dirty”

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Denise Brienne

Title – The Best I Ever Had
From – Richmond

Hello, my name is Sandra and I recently got a new boyfriend. His name is David and he was quite the freak. After 3 months of a wonderful relationship, we moved in. We had never officially done each other, other than orally. And that was to die for. He left me breathless and wet and hot at the same time. And I’m pretty sure I did my part too. Well, on second night of our move-in, I felt something and turned over to see what it was. There was tall lump in the sheets sticking straight up. I didn’t know what to thin-maybe it was a snake. So i gently pulled away the covers and there it was-David’s boner-it was never that huge before. He looked at me and I looked at him and there was adventure in his eyes. So i asked “are you ready for this?” and he replied, “only my whole life”. He then jumped on me and gave me deep kisses on the mouth, neck, shoulders, ears, and breast. The room became steaming hot as I ripped off his shirt to reveal his sexy hard-rock abs. I wanted him and he wanted me. Now David wasn’t no small man-he was he more like a body builder and there was no doubt that when he got aroused he started ripping clothing. David then ripped my boy shorts and my panties and half and got busy! He went non-stop for three and a half hours. I did not think that was possible. I was exhausted from the screaming, thrusting, and pleasure but I did not want him to stop. During this time there were sharp pains, but I didnt care. I grabbed my pillow with my teeth and handled it like a soldier or a tiger in the jungle. When our time was finally over, David collapsed on my body and breathed deeply into the hollow of my neck as cum exploded around us. I didnt care, this man had given me the time of my life. So there we laid for endless hours loving each other’s presence. David then lifted his head and his eyes looked as those of a werewolf, he ripped my head back by the hair and made endless love to me again. When the time was over had to pee like hell. So i gently pushed him off of me and attempted to get out of the bed, but my legs would not close. And thats when I felt it, the soreness from having too much sex. I laid there not moving in fear that I would never be able to again. David then got up and I told him my problem. He said, it happens to him all the time. So he worked my legs out, and gently kissed them and I was able to move again with only a small size gap in my legs.

But it didn’t matter because David was the best I ever had and we’ve been doing it ever since and my clit was able to adapt to it. I find that David’s sex really helped me with my child labor and delivering my first child. So let your man pound on you for hours because the affect can be grand!


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Confident, fun, well-rounded and sexy. Those are words that describe author Denise Brienne, a thirty-something woman who has a knack for giving the best advice to those who want to spice up their intimate relationships.

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