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The Best How to Talk Dirty Example Ever!

statue sexWant to know the best talk dirty example ever? Are you looking for the ultimate secret to talking dirty to your man? The ultimate secret is one that takes time and patience to learn, one that requires study, preparation, and an open mind. Get on the road to learning that ultimate secret with the best how to talk dirty example anywhere!

To start out talking dirty to your man, you need to remember three things: What he likes, what you like, and what the “middle ground” is.

You might be able to say something to him that turns him on but does nothing for you. On the other hand, saying something dirty that turns you on might make him wish you had said something else! The key to really good dirty talk is finding that middle ground. What turns BOTH of you on, and what can you say that will trip those lust triggers at the same time?

Keep this in mind: A man is turned on by dirty talk. But he’s also turned on by watching how hot you get while you’re in bed with him. A woman who is hotter than a firecracker and begging for him to pleasure her is a turn-on like nothing else.

So it makes sense that what you say should turn you on, too – it’s the best way to give him the full experience.

So what is the best how to talk dirty example ever? It’s what turns you on!

Here’s an example. Let’s say your man would love the idea of getting with two women. But you’re not into it in the least. How do you make him hot on the fantasy while finding something about it you like? If you are the kind of person who likes to be watched, there you have it! Spin a dirty talk fantasy about a woman in the room with you, watching the action while she pleasures herself.

That’s one example of dirty talk that can lead to some of the best sex you’ve ever had. It’s something that satisfies you both without compromising the great fantasies you both have. Another fantastic example is this: Suppose you have always wanted to get it on with more than one guy. Your partner, however, doesn’t agree to that notion at all – but he loves to watch you touch yourself in bed. How do you find a middle ground here?

In this case, toys are your best friend! Let your lover watch you while you play with them – and you can pretend that there is another man there, pleasuring you while your lover watches. If he’s game for some dirty talk fun, he might even ask you how much you like that other guy. It will set off fireworks when you both get what you really want.

That middle ground is always there – you just have to find it to create your own best how to talk dirty example ever!

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