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The Art Of The Striptease In 5 Easy Steps

Do you want to give your man a striptease but you’re not sure where to start? The idea of taking your clothes off can be intimidating enough, but to do it while dancing to music and trying to keep your balance in four-inch heels can be downright terrifying! Here are a few tips that will get you bumping and grinding for your partner in no time.

Relax. The best striptease will happen when you are relaxed and ready to get into it. Have a glass of wine before your big show, or simply take deep breaths before you start the music. The best way to prepare is to simply take some alone time to pamper your body, use lotions for smooth skin, and maybe read a few erotic stories to get yourself in the mood.

Go with the flow. Don’t choreograph what you’re going to do. Have a goal in mind, perhaps, and a few moves you can’t wait to break out in front of your lover, but don’t make specific plans. The best striptease is one that takes you away and makes you feel like a vixen! The way you move your body should be a natural extension of that feeling.

Tease like mad. The tease is the thing. Don’t get naked immediately…take your sweet time. Make every inch of skin a precious preview of what comes next. When you do wind up in the nude, make sure you have used those lacy panties and maybe even that naughty bra as a prop to get your man going — perhaps you’ve wrapped it around his neck or better yet, his dick. And speaking of props…

Use props. There are things lying around your house that will work well for sexy striptease props. A long feather, a sultry fedora hat, even a satin robe that drapes just right are good ideas. You can use the bedroom furniture for a little spice — just wait until you see your guy’s expression as you wrap your leg around one of those tall posters and slither down it like a snake to land on the bed in front of him!

Make eye contact. Don’t look away. Don’t look down. Look over your shoulder and give him a coy smile. Wink at him when he starts to breathe hard. The only time you should break eye contact for a long period is when you are crawling toward him, staring at his dick and licking your lips. Even then, be sure to look back up at him with that teasing smile…and you will have him in the palm of your naughty hand.

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