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The Art Of The Dirty Talk Voice Mail

Are you ready to talk dirty to your partner – but he’s away on business? Or he’s just up the road but unable to answer his phone? Getting voice mail might be frustrating for some, but for those who are naughty-minded, leaving a message at the tone is a dirty thrill!

There is an art to leaving naughty voice mails, however. Here’s a primer on what you should do…and what you shouldn’t!

Don’t expect privacy. Remember that no matter how close your relationship and how naughty your messages, they are not private. Ultimately, someone else could access them. Even those at the cell phone company have the ability to retrieve messages from a phone!

Your partner might keep them under wraps, or he might not…hanging with the boys and having a few beers can make men do some strange things. So when you leave a message, know that while it can be intimate, now is not the time to talk about his naughty cross-dressing fetish…unless, of course, he doesn’t mind everyone else knowing about.

Do keep the time in mind. When you’re talking naughty, the last thing you want to do is run out of time to say what you’re thinking. Most voice mails last only a few minutes at the most, so when you are planning on dirty talk, you will have to condense it into something sultry yet short. If you have a clock to look at while you are talking, that’s great. Keep it short at first, and your later calls can be a bit longer. Eventually you will figure out how long your call can be, and you will be able to gauge how much dirty talk packs into those minutes!

Keep it simple. He might be listening to this during a quiet board meeting or on a crowded subway. Keep your tone and your words simple, and don’t spin any elaborate fantasies over the voice mail. Simple gets your point across, no matter the circumstances.

Leave him with a call to act. What’s a good naughty talk session without a challenge? Remind him that you’re waiting for him and ask him to think about what he’s going to do to you. Better yet, tell him what you will do to HIM – assuming he’s up for it. Is he? Ask him! Then sit back and wait for the fireworks to start the moment your revved up man walks through the door.

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