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That Dirty Talk Is So Bad…But You Liked It!

Whether you are new to the dirty talk scene or an old pro at the naughty words, there might come a time in your dirty talk fun when you stumble upon something a little too…out there. A little bit taboo. Something that you never in a million years thought would make you horny as hell. But then it comes up, and what once turned you off suddenly seems like the hottest thing you’ve ever heard.

Why are we so drawn to taboos? Perhaps it’s the rebel inside all of us, the one that wants to blaze its own path and what society likes — or expects of us — be damned. But sometimes those taboos really cross our moral lines, and for some of us, that’s when they become even hotter. The forbidden has always had an appeal — that’s one reason why so many people have affairs. But that’s another blog post for another time.

If you find yourself drawn to dirty talk about something that you would otherwise think is a bit strange, awkward, taboo, disgusting, or any other word you want to insert into that space, don’t freak out! Don’t begin to wonder if your moral values have taken a heading off the rails. Don’t start to contemplate whether or not you will burn in hell. Just take a deep breath and rest assured that you’re just like all the rest of us at some point in our lives — suddenly, the forbidden sounds mighty good.

When you stumble upon taboo dirty talk that really knocks your socks off, use it as a starting point to talk about what you like in bed. Who knows? Your tastes might be changing. You could be perfectly happy with a certain variety of sex, and then one day wake up and want something more. If you are getting turned on by things that you didn’t like before, it’s possible that you are ready to enter a new phase of experimentation in bed — and this is a very good thing for everyone involved!

Bring all of this up with your partner by being straightforward and honest. “You said something the other night, and normally I wouldn’t have liked the idea…but something about it intrigues me, and I want to talk about it.” Bringing the discussion out into the open will help you talk through your feelings about that taboo subject, and your partner will know that you’re struggling a bit with the way you feel about it. You can help each other understand what’s going on in your head — and then you can let your body do the talking!

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