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Ten Confidence Boosters To Pep Up Your Game

There’s no doubt about it – one of the sexiest traits any man or woman can have is confidence. You know what it looks like: It is an air about them, in the way they walk and talk and look at you, that tells you they know what they are all about, and they want you to know what they are all about, too.

Confidence doesn’t come naturally, however. It has to be learned. If you need a shot of confidence to enhance your dating game, now is the time – and here are a few ways to make it happen.

1. Dance. Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is, and it works wonders like you might not believe. Simply turn up the radio, close the blinds, and dance your heart out. Want to feel entirely sexy while doing it? Put on high heels…or dance naked.
2. Compliment Yourself. You know what is good about yourself and why someone should get to know you…so make it extra clear. Write down the reasons you are the ultimate catch. Don’t worry about sounding cocky – nobody is going to see that list but you! Remind yourself of all the things that make you special and note-worthy.
3. Remember When. Do you remember that hotter than hot weekend with an old flame, when you felt so undeniably sexy that every head turned when you walked into a room? You’re still that person inside, so take a walk down memory lane with yourself and find that inner hottie! Remember all the great times when you felt completely alive, and channel those memories into the here and now for a dose of confidence.
4. Wear Something New. A new dress or a nice shirt can make you feel like a million bucks. Give it a try!
5. Take a Chance. Nothing will make you feel more confident than high adventure. Take a hiking trip, rappel down a mountain, or take the plunge and go bungee-jumping. The new experience can light a confident fire in you.
6. Love Yourself. Yes, that’s exactly what it means. Hop into bed with your favorite porn or your vibrator (or both!) and get it on with yourself. See the sexy encounters in your head.
7. Practice with a Stranger. Want to approach someone you want but you don’t have the confidence you need? Practice! Go to a bar and hit on a perfect stranger. If it works, you know you’ve got the goods. If it doesn’t, you’ve got a chance to go back to the drawing board and come up with a new seduction plan.
8. Visualize the Naughtiness Within. If you believe it, you can achieve it…isn’t that how the motivational line goes? It works because it’s true. See what you want in your head and picture yourself right in the middle of it. The more you see it, the more real it will become, and the better your chances of getting there.
9. Change Things Up. Stuck in a rut? Change it! Try something new and kinky in bed. Wear lacy lingerie instead of your whiteys…or wear no underwear at all. Do something new with your weekend. Go on a singles cruise, or take your beloved on a romantic interlude under the stars. The key is to do something out of the ordinary.
10. Fake It! Yes, that’s right. Fake it til you make it! It might sound trite, but it’s not. The confidence your project will eventually become the confidence you own…and everyone else will notice the new and improved you.

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Confident, fun, well-rounded and sexy. Those are words that describe author Denise Brienne, a thirty-something woman who has a knack for giving the best advice to those who want to spice up their intimate relationships.

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