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Tell Me How To Talk Dirty To My Boyfriend

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Learning how to talk dirty to your boyfriend can be easy if you know which triggers to press. What turns him on? What does he like in bed? What does he fantasize about? Being able to talk dirty to your boyfriend can be hot if you tap into those fantasies and spin a naughty tale for him with your words.

Start out by telling him what you think when you’re in bed. Use words that show him where you want him to touch you, and what you want next. “There” or “here” while moving his hand down your body are perfect ways to say a whole lot with one simple word. You can switch it up with more vivid descriptions or desires, such as “I love it when you touch me…” or “Do you like it when I…”

Then start telling him your fantasies. What do you want to try? What do you love to think about when you’re in bed by yourself? What does he do that makes you hot? Tell him all of those things. You might just tell him the basics and wait for his questions to provide more detail, but if you want to really talk dirty to your boyfriend, whisper naughty scenarios into his ear. Sure, they might make you blush, but that’s part of the fun of it – and once you see how turned on he gets, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your dirty talk is accepted!

You don’t have to keep up a running dialogue in bed, but it’s always good to punctuate the action with sound or words, something that shows him you’re into it. You might curse like a sailor and tell him all the details of what you want, or you might simply moan and groan when he touches the right spots. The key is to find your own dirty talk style and then slowly expand on that, adding more naughty touches as time goes on.

The more you talk dirty, the more comfortable you will get. So why not start tonight on that journey toward greater sexual satisfaction with dirty talk?

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