Dirty Talking To Yourself While Masturbating

masturbating by yourselfDon’t you hate it when someone catches you talking to yourself? I especially hate it when they give me that “look.” You know, the one that says I must have some loose marbles up there. Why do people always think you’re crazy when they catch you discussing something with yourself?

Talking dirty to yourself, now, that’s another story. If you get caught talking to yourself while you’re masturbating, well…then you’re just naughty, aren’t you?

All this time, you’ve been thinking about using dirty talk to turn your partner on. But what about doing something a bit dirty for yourself? The next time you’re in bed with your favorite vibrator or your familiar hand, spice things up a bit with naughty words!

When you’re talking dirty to yourself, you don’t have to worry about what your partner might think. If the nastiest words are the ones that get you off, more power to you! If you have some secret fantasies you’re not quite ready to share yet, you can talk yourself through them when you’re alone…and you can enjoy the images in your head while you do it.

In fact, dirty talk while you are alone can enhance your sex life. How? You can explore scenarios that you might not be ready to share with your partner, and you can become more comfortable with the idea of talking about them. You can try out new words that you are sure would make you blush, and you just might find out what you like them — that you like them quite a lot , in fact! The ideas you come up with while it’s just you and your imagination are endless!

So the next time you’re feeling sexy but your partner isn’t handy, take care of the matter yourself. And while you do it, think about the things that turn you on the most. You can even use it as a tease later on! When your partner shows up, you can give him that sultry smile, that naughty wink, and purr: “Guess what I did today, honey?”

Have at it! Who says dirty talk is just for couples?

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