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Talking Dirty with Sexy Toys

When you talk dirty to your lover, you’re painting pictures with words. You are detailing a fantasy, or telling him about a certain position, or calling to mind a not-so-innocent body part, and when he hears the words, he sees the image in his head. Dirty talk is proof that the biggest sexual organ we have is our brain!

But once you’ve tapped into those fantasies in your lover’s head, what if you decide to take it a step farther? Most people who reveal their fantasies during dirty talk aren’t really looking to fulfill them in a real-life scenario, but they are admitting that the idea turns them on. Since relationships are about compromise, why not take those fantasies and fulfill them as best you can, without going overboard and making both of you uncomfortable — or worse, wrecking your relationship?

Sex toys are the answer.

The thought of bringing sex toys into the bedroom might make you blush, but consider this: You might have been uncomfortable with the thought of dirty talk in the beginning, too, but you were willing to look into the idea. That’s why you’re reading this blog, right? If you could overcome your fear of embarrassment when it comes to talking dirty, you can get over your concerns about introducing sex toys into the mix, too.

The acceptance of sex toys in bed is something that will take patience and understanding. It’s important that your partner knows you are content with them and what they can give you when you make love. You’re not bringing in a toy to make up for something they aren’t doing! If you introduce your sex toys as a form of enhancing for furthering the dirty talk fantasies, they become less threatening to the ego.

Has your partner talked about seeing you with another man? You might not be willing to step outside your relationship and make it happen, but why not make it a reality with sex toys? Buy the most realistic-looking dildo you can find. When you bring it home, remind your lover of the fantasy, and ask if he would like to act it out — just the two of you. He might be surprised by the dildo at first, but if he’s really into the fantasy and wants to try it out, he will come around as soon as he realizes you are serious about making his dreams a reality — or as close to a reality as you can, anyway.

Do you want to see him with another woman? Try one of the sex toys for men. They are usually called “pocket pussies” or the like, and they are meant to mimick the feel and motion of a woman’s body. A great trick involves blindfolding your partner, tying his hands to the headboard, and whispering into his ear about what a naughty boy he is…”You’re going to let her do it, aren’t you? And you’re going to enjoy it. And I’m going to watch!” Words like that will throw his libido into overdrive, and when you do use that toy on him, don’t be surprised if fireworks ensue.

Do you have a special fantasy in mind? Then what are you waiting for? Check out your favorite adult toy shop and find something that fits the fantasy spinning in your head. Then try it out on your lover, and come back here to tell us how it went!

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