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Talking Dirty With Respect: Chat Room Etiquette

When you’re diving into the wonderful world of dirty talk on the internet, chat rooms become a tempting playground. All those horny people! All those naughty ideas! You want to jump in and play, don’t you?

Before you shimmy into the dirty talk pool, keep a few rules of chat room etiquette in mind:

Pay Attention! When you first jump into a chat room, it might be tempting to throw your hat into the ring immediately. Don’t do that! Every chat room has its own rhythm and flow, so when you do enter, briefly introduce yourself with the basic information (handle, age, and sex will be enough at first), and then sit back and watch. Catch the flow of the conversation. Are they talking about fetishes? Desires? Fantasies? Sex toys? When you do start to talk, keep it to the topics at hand.

Take it for What it Is. Remember that a chat room is supposed to be anonymous. What people choose to do in private rooms is their own business, but don’t expect a natural connection to happen in a room full of people you don’t know at all. Sexy chat rooms are supposed to be fun places of escape. Keep that in mind and you’ll do fine.

Understand the Language. Before you jump into conversation, know the language. Brush up on your online terms, such as TTYL (talk to you later) or ASL (age, sex, location?). Knowing these terms will not only help you type faster, but will help you keep up with the flow of conversation.

Request a Private Room. When you decide you want to talk to someone for something a bit more private, request that they come to the private room with you. You can request it in the public chat room or send them a private IM requesting a conversation. If they accept, start out with thanking them for meeting you – if they decline, look for someone else. Don’t get offended if someone declines very rapidly or with very few words. They might be in the midst of something hot and heavy behind the scenes, and they don’t want to be bothered.

Don’t Push for Information. When you do have someone in a private room for you, ask for only the information you need to make your fantasy seem real – or ask for information that you’re always curious about when it comes to meeting someone new. But don’t push for it, and keep in mind that even if someone does tell you about themselves, they could be lying. Chat rooms are for fun and escape, so what you get might not be the truth. Accept that and enjoy it for what it is – a good time for all!

Don’t “Come and Run.” When you do get hot and heavy with someone, one of the worst things you could do is “come and run.” Taking someone’s fantasy to the limit and bringing them to orgasm should always be a two-way street. There are some unscrupulous characters who will get theirs first and then disappear…but the ones who are really worth talking to are the ones who stick around to make sure you’re satisfied, too. Be one of the respectful ones and give your dirty talk just as good as you get it!

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