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Talking Dirty Etiquette: Talking Dirty Online

Sometimes it seems like the whole internet is talking dirty. So it can be easy to assume that everyone wants to hear your dirty talk. But when you’re playing on a community forum on the internet, keep in mind that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people reading what your write, each with their own different opinions, kinks, and desires.

So where does the talking dirty etiquette begin? Let’s start by talking about your handle and your profile.

Your handle should reflect who you are but not give away too much at the same time. Using your real name is a big no-no most of the time, depending on how open you can be with your sexual encounters and flirtations on a public forum. Choose something that reflects what you like…LovesBlowJobs might be a good one, but it might also make someone think you’re a man, which is a bad idea if you’re a woman! Take the time to figure out your handle, and make sure it’s something you can live with for a long time.

Your profile should include all the naughtiness you desire, but keep in mind that if you give too much away, a lot of the mystery and intrigue will disappear. And that mystery is what drives many community forums and message boards!

When you are talking about sex in general on an open forum, you should never, ever name names. Don’t call anyone out for anything at all. By sticking to this simple rule, you keep yourself out of hot water, and the rules of karma are bound to be kind to you.

When you want to talk to someone via private message, go for it — but don’t bombard them with your desires from the start. Simply message them to say hello. If it seems the attitude of the board is to ask for permission before going to a private message, then ask! The only “wrong” thing to do is jump into a message with a request of having your dick sucked, your pussy fucked, or the like. Consider the first message the “hello and how do you do” handshake.

Don’t get into flame wars with anyone, especially not with someone who has very different views than you do. In a flame war, no one comes out looking beautiful, no matter who was in the wrong to begin with. Don’t stoop to that level, and use your handy little “ignore” or “block” button if you must.

Finally, if you find a thread where the dirty talk is the norm, have at it! Who says nasty talk has to be held back and used only for private encounters? If you’re in the mood to tease and titillate while you’re online, there are plenty of places that will welcome your dirty talk with open arms, so find one — and let your fingers go wild!

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