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Take a Dirty Talk Holiday!

The holidays are here! Now that everything is cheery and bright, give your partner the gift of a brand-new dirty talking you. How, you ask? Make it a dirty talk holiday!

Do you want to surprise your partner with something that they will never forget? Here are a few tips to make your dirty talk holiday extra-special.

Give them the gift of yourself. Don’t put fancy wrappings under the tree. Wrap yourself up instead! Give your partner a long evening with you, and offer their every desire. You can definitely make this a holiday season to remember! How to do that? Read on…

Plan on something naughtier than usual. The usual just won’t do when it’s the holiday season. Give them even more of yourself by doing something that you have been a little worried about doing in the past. Perhaps give that hardcore dirty talk a go, try out a new position, or make love with the blinds open. You might even opt to go for something you have always been scared to try, such as anal sex or outdoor romps.

Learn new dirty talk and surprise them! Now is the time to spice things up! Learn to talk dirty in a new language, or simply get comfortable with words you have never used before. Cross some lines and break some taboos, all in the name of the holiday season!

Read over the Dirty Talk Guide together. Get some tips and tricks to try out together by reading the Dirty Talk Guide in bed. Talk about what new things you can try, and let the many naughty ideas in the Guide spark your own unique plans.

Write an erotic story just for them. Your lover loves to hear your words, so why not write a dirty story just for them? Write it on pretty paper — use a computer to do the work if you aren’t happy with your penmanship — roll the story into a scroll, and tie it with a bright red ribbon. Present it to your lover when you are alone, and then read it to them aloud. You will be on the floor making good on that story in no time!

Do it under the tree. Last, but certainly not least, make good use of that pretty Christmas tree! Turn out all the lights and leave the little twinkly Christmas tree lights on. Make love on the floor next to the tree, or right underneath it, if there is enough room. The pretty lights will make your body look even more stunning, and you will have a memory that will always be sparked by those pretty lights. Why not make this holiday one to remember forever?

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