4 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Bed

We all know that for the most part there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to your sex life, but there are a few things concerning some of the props and fun additions to your sex life that you don’t want to do. Don’t put your toys away without cleaning them with toy cleaner after each use. Bacteria, germs and odors can cling to your toys. Keeping them clean will … [Read more...]

5 Mistakes Men Make In Bed

Gentlemen get ready! I’m going to explain to you why your sex life might not be as satisfying or successful as you would hope. Pull up your big boy pants because some of this may deflate your ego, but if you’re manly enough to get through it, I guarantee that eliminating these things from your sexual repertoire will rejuvenate your sex life. #1 Don’t assume that your … [Read more...]

5 Mistakes Women Make In Bed

Okay, this one is for you ladies out there. I know that you’ve been conditioned to think that as long as a man is “getting’ some” he’s going to be happy. I hate to burst your bubble girls, but men actually do have certain things that are deal breakers and can turn what started out as a hot night into the cold shoulder.  Take notes because I am going to make sure you know … [Read more...]

What Not To Do When You’re Out With Your Girlfriend

Have you ever seen a guy do something so stupid while he was out with his girlfriend that you wanted to shout out a warning? Have you ever just had to shake your head when you saw a man do something absolutely off the charts when his girlfriend was around? Obviously some guys just don’t have the common sense to avoid these blunders- so let’s just make a few rules- … [Read more...]

What Not To Do When You Give Him Oral Sex

Ladies I’m talking to you this week. As a woman who knows just how important oral sex is when it comes to a fun and exciting bedroom I’m going to give you a few tips and tricks that will make giving him a blow job more fun for both of you. Don’t make faces and act as if you’re performing a chore. His penis should be your best friend and you should treat it as such. … [Read more...]

What Not to Do When Meeting His Parents

So, you and your sweetie have finally reached the point where you are going to meet his parents. This means that you will be scrutinized and every word out of your mouth will be judged. Of course you want to be yourself, because if the relationship lasts you can’t behave differently than you normally do indefinitely. But, there are some things you just don’t want to do at … [Read more...]

What Not To Do When You’re A Public Figure

Sometimes it’s nice to not be in the spotlight. After all for most of us if we have a baby mama we’re not married to it’s no big deal. If we get drunk and get in a fight, still no biggie as far as the world is concerned. But when you’re a public figure there are some things you just should not do! We’ve all heard about the “Sperminator” scandal of Arnold Schwarzenegger … [Read more...]

What Not To Do To Get To The Next Level

Okay ladies and gents this is a fun topic to think about. I’m sure you’ve all been in what you thought was a stable relationship and then found out that the person you are seeing wants to take it to the next level. Whether that means a committed relationship, moving in together, having sex or whatever; there are ways to go about it that don’t involve any of these … [Read more...]