5 Weirdest Taboos Ever

What taboos really turn you on? Which ones turn you off? We've already talked about fetishes and what might get you off, even if you don't tell anyone else...but these are "out there" taboos that really push the line of fetish to an extreme. These five taboos are a few of the oddest, craziest, and in some cases, most insane turn-ons that you will ever encounter. Breast … [Read more...]

Fetish Lessons: What’s Your Fetish?

Your fetish might not be as odd as you think. Most people believe their fetishes are rather "out there" and don't jive with what most "normal" people like, but you could be surprised. Sure, your neighbor might not talk about their dirty fetishes, and your sex education surely never mentioned anything about the more taboo things you might come to like as an adult, but trust … [Read more...]