The Best Place for Naughty Talk

The best place for dirty talk is the place your partner least expects it. Taking him out of the normal routine and giving him something spicy to think about is the best way to get his attention -- and keep it until you get home, when you can give bring those naughty words to life! Try it when you're at the office party, and he's getting ready to talk to his boss. … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Flirting With Your Body

Yes of course dirty talk has its time and its place, but did you know that there is an even more powerful tool to connect with your mate, and you don’t even have to breathe a word! Body language is a long cherished art form, and has been studied for centuries. Humans have this unique ability to communicate to each other through non verbal cues, and with these cues, humans … [Read more...]

More Dirty Talk Tips!

When you are in the mood to talk dirty to your partner, these tips will come in quite handy. Which ones will help you make the most of your naughty experience? … [Read more...]

A Dirty Talk Psychology Lesson

Even after all of your best efforts, talking dirty might not come easily. You might have read every one of these blog posts (and if you haven't, well, you should!). You tried out the fantastic Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty. You gave all the tips and tricks a good try. But you're standing in front of your partner, ready to hop into bed, and you want to tell him exactly … [Read more...]

Six Tips For Foreplay That Will Get His Motor Running Early

There seems to be a misconception that men aren’t really that into foreplay, and they will be most happy by just diving into the act. When men themselves joke around that any sex is good sex regardless of how long it may or may not be, they aren’t kidding entirely, but that does not mean that they don’t like a good play session either. If you have been thinking that you … [Read more...]

3 Clues That Will Tell You If Your Relationship Is Progressing

We all know how relationships work and the basics rules of gauging when to fold our cards and when to try and make something work. But every situation really is different, and for women, this notion often has us holding on to delusions and misguided beliefs in ‘signs’ that we over analyze ourselves into a relationship that doesn’t exist, or shouldn’t. The beginning of a … [Read more...]

The Up Side To Breaking Up – 3 Tips To Heal Your Heart Faster

There is no question that the age old song ‘Breaking Up is Hard to Do’ holds true for each of us. We have all been there at one time or another, and maybe you are going through this right now. As hard as it can be to see through the cloud of tears that comes with every breakup, there ARE “up” sides to the breaking up process. Use this article to take away some valuable … [Read more...]

Top 3 Places For Outdoor Sex!

Ah, outdoor sex. For those of you that have already ventured into territory beyond the bedroom, literally, then you are getting a smile on your face and hoping to get some new ideas, right? For those of you that aren’t, you may be on the fence with this one, or even wondering why make this a consideration at all? The fact is, there is no quicker way to jump start any sex … [Read more...]

What To Do When Love Hurts

The sexual tension has been building all night long. Finally, he makes a move, and suddenly you find yourselves transformed into a mess of arms, legs and lips, clothes flying in all directions. He’s hot. You’re hot. He’s hitting all the right buttons, until… OMG. What was THAT? And what makes him think that THAT feels good?? … [Read more...]

The Do’s of Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is an exciting part of any relationship, and it could mean all the difference between keeping an ordinary relationship at the status quo, or taking things ‘to the next level’ and really spicing up your love life. But many women are afraid to take this plunge because they feel they will be perceived as a ‘slut’ or become diminished in their partner’s eyes. The … [Read more...]

Dirty Talking Your Way To A Lasting Love!

Dirty talking with your lover is not only a fantastic way to boost your sexual relationship – it can also strengthen your love and deepen your trust in each other! … [Read more...]