Unique Dirty Text Message Ideas

Do you want to dirty text your lover, but it seems you have already used every angle you thought you had? When it seems as though your dirty text messages are getting old, try these unique dirty text message ideas and see what happens! The Surprise Scenario. Let's say your partner loves a certain fetish…but it just doesn't trip your trigger. Your lover knows this, and … [Read more...]

Keeping The Long Distance Relationship Magic

It has always been said, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Tell that to the long-distance relationship couple. Your company just moved you 800 miles away from your home. You didn’t want to leave but you’d be damned if you lost the job of your dreams…especially in this economy. Your wonderful loving partner of four years cannot move with as they have a life of their … [Read more...]

How to Dirty Text a Guy

Imagination; this is the key word you want to have in mind when you want to dirty text with a guy.  A woman always wants to come across sexy and confident but sometimes, this can be a tricky, especially over text message.  However, with a few pointers, we should be able to calm those fears and have your guy begging to see you after a few sultry messages! … [Read more...]

Cell Phones Ruining Relationships

My boyfriend has this game on his phone that he is obsessed with.  As much as I moan and groan every time he pulls out his phone when we are getting into bed, I know his phone and this game don't really interfere with our relationship. This isn’t the case for all couples. As technology grows and people rely on their phones to stay connected, the digital divide that … [Read more...]