Rev Up Phone Sex With Unusual Scenarios

Phone sex is a great way to add spice to a relationship, but the dirty talk doesn't have to happen when it's convenient! Surprising your partner with a little bit of naughty fun during a time when it is decidedly inappropriate is a good way to get the motors revving...and can you imagine the fun you will have when you do get your hands on him? Rev up your sex life with … [Read more...]

Shy About Phone Sex? We Can Fix That!

Phone sex is one of the hottest forms of dirty talk, and for good reason - when you're having phone sex, it's easier to let your inhibitions go. Talking to someone over the phone is much less intimidating as breaking out the dirty talk when you're face-to-face. Phone sex also still holds a bit of a "taboo" feel - years ago it was something done in strict privacy with a … [Read more...]

5 Tips For Brushing Up On Dirty Talk Basics

Has it been a long while since you unleashed naughty dirty talk on your partner? Has it been a long time since you changed it up and surprised him with something that was so shocking, it took him to new heights of pleasure? If it's been a while and your dirty talk needs a mojo boost, here are a few tips for making it new again. … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk He Will Cherish? Yes!

The whole world is wired together via the Internet these days, and that means your lover probably is, too. You can take advantage of that fact by sending him lots of dirty thoughts via email! … [Read more...]