5 Weirdest Taboos Ever

What taboos really turn you on? Which ones turn you off? We've already talked about fetishes and what might get you off, even if you don't tell anyone else...but these are "out there" taboos that really push the line of fetish to an extreme. These five taboos are a few of the oddest, craziest, and in some cases, most insane turn-ons that you will ever encounter. Breast … [Read more...]

Taboo is Hot! 4 Sexual Taboos to Light the Naughty Fire

What is taboo in the bedroom? You already know what turns you on, and you probably already know what taboos turn you off. But something that is very taboo for you, perhaps on the fringe of your sexual desires, can push you just close enough to the edge that your sexy time becomes damn near explosive. Which of these taboos get your motor running? … [Read more...]