5 Weirdest Taboos Ever

What taboos really turn you on? Which ones turn you off? We've already talked about fetishes and what might get you off, even if you don't tell anyone else...but these are "out there" taboos that really push the line of fetish to an extreme. These five taboos are a few of the oddest, craziest, and in some cases, most insane turn-ons that you will ever encounter. Breast … [Read more...]

A Dirty Talk Psychology Lesson

Even after all of your best efforts, talking dirty might not come easily. You might have read every one of these blog posts (and if you haven't, well, you should!). You tried out the fantastic Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty. You gave all the tips and tricks a good try. But you're standing in front of your partner, ready to hop into bed, and you want to tell him exactly … [Read more...]

Revenge Sex: Getting Back Never Felt So Good

You know the story about revenge sex, don't you? A guy gets dumped by the girl he thought was in love with him, and by the end of the night he's sleeping with her best friend, making his revenge sex ultra-personal. A girl finds out her boyfriend has been dipping his stick where it didn't belong, and she gets back at him by banging some anonymous guy she met at the bar -- … [Read more...]

Taboo is Hot! 4 Sexual Taboos to Light the Naughty Fire

What is taboo in the bedroom? You already know what turns you on, and you probably already know what taboos turn you off. But something that is very taboo for you, perhaps on the fringe of your sexual desires, can push you just close enough to the edge that your sexy time becomes damn near explosive. Which of these taboos get your motor running? … [Read more...]

That Dirty Talk Is So Bad…But You Liked It!

Whether you are new to the dirty talk scene or an old pro at the naughty words, there might come a time in your dirty talk fun when you stumble upon something a little too...out there. A little bit taboo. Something that you never in a million years thought would make you horny as hell. But then it comes up, and what once turned you off suddenly seems like the hottest thing … [Read more...]

Get Her In Bed With Dirty Truth Or Dare Questions

So you've got the hots for that sexy woman you've known forever, but you don't know if she swings toward the ladies. You think she might, but then again, it can be tough to tell. You can find out for sure by firing off a quick game of dirty truth or dare. Take it from someone who has been there -- if she does swing that way, she's been thinking about it for a long time, … [Read more...]

Think Your Fetish Is Weird? Think Again!

When you have a very clear and very hot fetish, you might be tempted to think it's downright weird. After all, how often do you talk about your "out there" fetishes with your best buds? Do you bring up every fetish you have to your partner? Each of us might have that fetish that seems a little TOO weird and winds up being pushed to the back drawer of the mind, like that … [Read more...]

Phone Sex Not Enough? Take It To Webcam!

Sometimes phone sex just isn't enough. No matter how hot it is, and no matter how badly you want it, sometimes phone sex leaves you feeling a little too lonely and distant from your lover. But never fear -- if you can have great phone sex, you can have even better webcam sex! Many people are nervous about trying out webcam sex, and for good reason -- it is so easy for … [Read more...]

Do It Like Everybody’s Watching: Having Public Sex

It is often a fantasy that lovers tend to push to the back burner. After all, it could never happen, right? Public sex is just too risky. You might wind up incredibly embarrassed, called out by perfect strangers for being a disrespectful whore (among other things), or at the worst, you could wind up with a criminal record that would affect the rest of your life in many … [Read more...]

A Starter Guide To Some Backdoor Lovin’

Okay, let's face it -- many men are intimidated by sex toys. They don't like the idea that you are playing with something that could be a substitute for their own body...and they really don't like the fact that it gets you off, sometimes in a fireworks-in-the-sky kind of way. But then there are men who are curious about sex toys, both those that you use and those that … [Read more...]

The Biggest Dirty Talk Mistake Ever

In the heat of the moment, you are bound to say anything. Sometimes you might not even realize what you say, because you are so swept up in the sensations, emotions, and hot fantasies that inevitably happen when great dirty talk is involved. Your lover has probably heard it all from you, and it's a sure bet that your lack of inhibitions is what has made your sex life … [Read more...]