Host A Sexy Halloween Party

The leaves are turning exotic colors. The sun is setting sooner. Men and women alike are covering up their bare skin to keep warm. Autumn is here, as is Halloween, everyone’s favorite holiday to get naughty, and everyone’s favorite night to take off the warm clothing and dress as provocatively as possible. Regardless of how you dress, it’s always about the party and the … [Read more...]

10 Sexy Ways to Make a Woman Want You

Sure, we've all heard that women like the sexy stuff after plenty of foreplay. As a woman, I can attest that's true -- however, there are a few sexy things you can do that will trip her trigger almost immediately, and in some cases, make foreplay a moot point. Here are the top 10 sexy ways to make a woman want you: … [Read more...]

Dress Up Your Dirty Talk with Sexy Lingerie

Dirty talk is always good, but dirty talk with lingerie is even better! If you really want to impress your man with your dirty talking prowess, spice up the sexy session with a bit of satin and lace. You don't have to dress like a slut -- unless you want to, of course! You just have to dress up in something different, something a bit special, to show your partner that you … [Read more...]

Think Only Women Strip? Gather Round, Boys…

When you hear the word "stripper" you probably think of a woman. After all, women are traditionally those who know their way around a stage and a stripper's pole, while men are the ones who sit and watch the action. Sure, there are the Chippendales...but nobody takes that seriously, do they? You might be surprised at just what your woman will take seriously! She will … [Read more...]

Making Safe Sex A Little Sexier

From the time you were old enough to even think about being sexually active, you were bombarded with messages about safe sex. It's one of those universal things that you know you should do, and you hope everybody does, because that makes the world...well, a safer place. At least, it makes all the bedrooms across the world a safer place! But safe sex can be decidedly … [Read more...]

How I Became a Dirty Talkin’ Mama

I know I can’t be the only Dirty Talker who has faced this dilemma: how to make a smooth transition from baby talk to dirty talk. When you’re a new parent, it seems like sex may never happen again, and sometimes a woman’s libido can be incredibly slow to return. But, with a little effort, it is possible to find a happy medium between being parents and being down-and-dirty … [Read more...]

Get the Look That Turns Him On

You know that look that men love. It's the one that makes their heads turn at the dance club, the one that can turn them on right in the middle of the grocery store or while driving down the street. It's the look of a woman who has just taken a naughty tumble -- or one who wants to take that naughty tumble, right here, right now. How do you get that look? That … [Read more...]

Choosing The Right Lingerie For A Sexy Night

Some women love walking into the lingerie store...other women are so intimidated by the racks of naughty things that they would rather have a root canal than deal with looking through the sizes. Online shopping can help get over that hurdle, but when it comes to the nitty-gritty basics of which lingerie is best for your body, it's still a difficult decision. … [Read more...]