8 Words You Can Text Right Now To Start Dirty Talk

There is a dirty talker in all of us, believe it or not. Any woman in this day and age who is involved in a romantic and sexually active relationship yearns to take her relationship to that “next level” with a little bit of dirty talk, if she hasn’t done so already. The problem is that for so long, society has forbidden us to do so, and as a result, some of us are a little … [Read more...]

Find Her G-Spot And Make Her Talk Dirty!

Ah, yes. That elusive g-spot. It's the place inside a woman's body that sends her to the moon and back, and if you do it right, she will be worn out and thanking you, over and over, for that incredible ride. There is no faster way to help a woman drop her inhibitions than to light up that pleasure sensor in the depths of her body. But how do you find the g-spot, and … [Read more...]

Equipment Problems? How To Deal.

Okay, let's be honest...from time to time, sex just won't work the way we had planned or hoped. Sometimes you're too tired...sometimes he has a pulled muscle in his back that makes sex impossible...sometimes you really DO have a headache. Occasional problems with libido are usually just that - occasional. But what do you do when the problems last longer than an evening, … [Read more...]

Confessions Of A Late-Blooming Masturbator

I have a confession to make. I didn’t actually successfully masturbate until I was well into my mid-twenties. I simply could not get over the fact that I knew it was my own hand doing the deed. I was envious of my girlfriends who said they had no trouble flipping the switch on their own. But, no matter what I tried, I simply could not get over it. What frustrated me even … [Read more...]

What To Do When Love Hurts

The sexual tension has been building all night long. Finally, he makes a move, and suddenly you find yourselves transformed into a mess of arms, legs and lips, clothes flying in all directions. He’s hot. You’re hot. He’s hitting all the right buttons, until… OMG. What was THAT? And what makes him think that THAT feels good?? … [Read more...]

The Best Aphrodisiacs To Light The Fire

Aphrodisiacs have been around for centuries. They are substances believed to make sex more attainable or more pleasurable. Aphrodisiacs are meant to entice a person into passion. We've all heard the stories of women who went crazy when they smelled a cologne packed with pheromones! Though many believe that is simply an urban myth, the power of aphrodisiacs can be very … [Read more...]

Save Your Relationship and Reduce Stress with Sex

A lot of people are feeling the pinch these days. You and your lover may be cutting back on a lot of things that used to enrich your relationship. It can be stressful to have to change your lifestyle because of things that may be out of your control. And there’s no doubt that financial road bumps can cause a lot of strain in any relationship. … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk is Communication, Too!

Good communication is the foundation of any strong, loving relationship. Women are born to talk, but that doesn’t always mean we are good at communicating. Sometimes we are better talkers than listeners. Sometimes we even get ourselves in trouble because we don’t know when to stop talking! … [Read more...]

Good Dirty Talk Begins With Confidence!

Dirty talk is like everything else in the sexual realm - it takes a dash of confidence and moxey to make it great! … [Read more...]