Finding The Triggers: What Gets Your Man Off?

Men are not as simple as weeknight sitcoms like to make you think. Men are complex sexual beings who have fantasies, desires, and certain things that turn them on, just like women do. Just because they are usually more visual, and just because they are often more open with their sexual needs, doesn't mean that they don't enjoy a bit of foreplay! A woman who can find her … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk And The Power Of Touch

You probably already know some of the thrill of dirty talk -- that feeling of someone whispering in your ear, their breath tickling your skin, their voice spinning right to the core of you, making you hot and breathless and wet and hard and all sorts of other things that bring to mind a passionate sexual romp. But even the most seasoned dirty talker can learn a thing or … [Read more...]

Does That Really Work? A Look At Sex Enhancers

Who hasn't seen the commercials for Viagra or Cialis? They always have a happy, fit, well-adjusted couple smiling from ear to ear, doing romantic things, presumably leading up to a hot night between the sheets. … [Read more...]