Sexual Fantasies In The Bedroom Lead To Great Sex!

Sexual fantasies are a great way to make sex fun. Sex should be fun. You should be able to laugh, play and have a great time while having sex. One of the greatest ways to spice it up in the bedroom is to indulge in a little fantasy role play. Everyone has a sexual fantasy, whether it is a secret fantasy or something that they think they would never be able to do in real … [Read more...]

A “Famous” Twist On Roleplaying Games

Do you love to slide through celebrity websites, trying to find the latest news of the day? Do you salivate over the perfect paparazzi photograph? Is there someone in the public eye that makes your heart pound and your fantasies go haywire? We might not all be able to partake of the pleasures of those celebrity auras, but we can definitely turn being famous into a … [Read more...]

How to Introduce Toys To The “Sensitive” Man

It might sound crazy, but it's true - some men have a serious problem with sex toys. A good friend of mine considers himself very open about all things sexual, but when his wife brought home a vibrator, he freaked right out. "Why did she have that? Wasn't I enough to satisfy her? What was I doing wrong?" Despite hearing all the evidence to the contrary, he fell into the … [Read more...]