He Said What?

Dirty talk can bring couples closer together. It can also shock you to the core, depending on what is said in the heat of passion. It's important to remember that when you and your partner are talking out your fantasies, you've just been handed an enormous amount of trust. Sharing innermost fantasies with someone takes a great deal of courage and makes a person feel … [Read more...]

Sexual Fantasies In The Bedroom Lead To Great Sex!

Sexual fantasies are a great way to make sex fun. Sex should be fun. You should be able to laugh, play and have a great time while having sex. One of the greatest ways to spice it up in the bedroom is to indulge in a little fantasy role play. Everyone has a sexual fantasy, whether it is a secret fantasy or something that they think they would never be able to do in real … [Read more...]

Role Playing Mixed With Dirty Talk!

Role-playing is an excellent way to introduce your partner to the joys of dirty talk. Even the most inhibited and shy lovers seem to take on a whole different persona when it comes to bedroom role play. The joy of role playing is being able to truly act and feel like someone else. … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Cybersex: How to Make it Good

Cybersex is not a new fad. Long distance lovers have known about the power of cybersex for years, and they have been more than happy to try out their fantasies online. Talking dirty is one of the hallmarks of the cybersex session, so if you are "old school" and accustomed to phone sex, taking a walk on the wild internet side won't be that difficult for you. In fact, you … [Read more...]

Is Your Naughty Dirty Talk Fantasy Normal?

Many people wonder if their fantasies are normal, or something that many other members of the population share. But how can you possibly know? Many people keep their fantasies close to the vest, and never speak of them in polite company. Even when you find someone who is willing and open to talking about their fantasies, how do you know that you're really getting the full … [Read more...]

Think Only Women Strip? Gather Round, Boys…

When you hear the word "stripper" you probably think of a woman. After all, women are traditionally those who know their way around a stage and a stripper's pole, while men are the ones who sit and watch the action. Sure, there are the Chippendales...but nobody takes that seriously, do they? You might be surprised at just what your woman will take seriously! She will … [Read more...]

Swinging: Spice Or Stirring Up Trouble?

If you're an adventurous couple, you've probably talked about more than a few fantasies that you might choose to never fulfill. But then again, there could be a few fantasies lurking in the back of your mind that you wouldn't mind making a reality sometime very soon. One of those fantasies might be swinging. Swinging is the act of sharing your intimate life with other … [Read more...]

Introducing A New Dirty Talk Scenario

Have you ever had a dirty talk blunder? One of those moments when something came out of your mouth that maybe sounded odd, or didn't convey what you wanted, and you got that "what the hell?" look from your lover? Or maybe you broke out a fantasy that shocked the hell out of your partner, and the atmosphere turned icy before it even had a chance to turn hot and sexy? … [Read more...]

How to Talk Dirty To Your Lover – And Your Spouse!

One of the hottest dirty talk role playing scenarios is that of the cheating spouse. It's especially popular among those spouses who are completely faithful to each other, but like the idea of a bit of spice. Their trust allows them to explore - and sometimes the hottest thing they can do is talk about an "encounter" with someone else, and tell their partner how good it … [Read more...]

A “Famous” Twist On Roleplaying Games

Do you love to slide through celebrity websites, trying to find the latest news of the day? Do you salivate over the perfect paparazzi photograph? Is there someone in the public eye that makes your heart pound and your fantasies go haywire? We might not all be able to partake of the pleasures of those celebrity auras, but we can definitely turn being famous into a … [Read more...]

When You Really Can’t Stand His Dirty Talk

Believe it or not, it's possible to be turned off by dirty talk. Hard to believe, I know, but it's happened to me, and it might happen to you somewhere along the line, too. If a turn-off is going to happen, it will be because of one of two reasons: … [Read more...]