That Case of the Giggles…

I have to admit, the first time I tried talking dirty with my partner, I thought it was a dismal failure. Why? I couldn't keep a straight face! Even in the heat of passion, when I said something I thought was hot, it would immediately send me off into a fit of giggles. If you do get a case of the giggles, remember -- it's just nerves! You're nervous about talking dirty, … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk And Spanking

If you're into dirty talk, chances are you're open-minded. That means you just might be into other things...such as a little spanking, maybe? Many couples enjoy spanking. They love the sensation of warmth. They like the taboo feeling of doing something that their neighbors or coworkers might think they would never try. They enjoy the "submission quality" of the act, the … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Did you know dirty talk is good for you? It's true! Talking dirty to your partner can increase your sexual satisfaction. By telling your lover exactly what feels good and describing in detail what you want him to do, you are sure to reach a higher level of sexual pleasure. The better the satisfaction, the more health benefits. … [Read more...]

Relationship 101: How to Know It’s Serious

When you enter into a relationship, it is probably with the highest of hopes. You might just want a quick fuck-buddy, or you might want something a more permanent relationship; whatever it is, you're all in! But even the most casual of relationships can turn serious over time. Here are a few fun yet true ways to know if your relationship has moved on to the next level: … [Read more...]

Top 3 Reasons Why He May Be Stalling With The Sex Life

When you are just starting a relationship, it can feel like you don’t do much else BUT have sex. In fact, the frequency is so high on the Richter charts that you don’t even bother to make your bed anymore. But what happens when the honeymoon is over? Or you hit a bump in the relationship road and things get stale? Sometimes things don’t just get stale due to the busy and … [Read more...]

5 Signs She’s Trying to Steal Your Man

There is dirty talk -- the fun, good kind that brings you and your honey closer together. But if the dirty talk is coming from someone else's painted lips and aimed for your lover's ear, you no longer have something fun and playful. You have something dead serious, and you just might have to do something about that. So before you tell your best friend all about your … [Read more...]

3 Tips To Giving Your Sex Life A Boost

It is one of the most common complaints, particularly by men, when it comes to long term relationships or marriage – the sex life comes to a halt. For some couples, there is the slow burn out until it ends all together. For others, date night on Saturday nights is still alive and well, but they hardly call their sex lives exciting. Does this sound like you? If so, hey, … [Read more...]

3 Tips To Handling The Bump In With An Ex

Oh, here is another place that we have all been to at one point or another, the ex boyfriend or ex husband bump in. Could be the grocery store, could be the post office, could be at “your” restaurant, it could be anywhere. And this is the key here, you really CAN bump into him anywhere, you may even bump into him online. We go through so many emotions during and after a … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Get Him To Tell You The Truth

Ah yes, we all have those moments in a relationship or dating life that make our heads do a double take as we question with furrowed brows, “was he just lying to me?”. Before you start stalking his Facebook in-box, checking his email, or calling everyone in his cell phone, you want to take a breather here. It is no secret that men are good at telling little fibs now and … [Read more...]

Two Secrets To Keeping The Spark Alive Even Years Down The Road

We all know about the longevity of Tinseltown couples. In fact, to have a sentence with the word longevity in the same mix as Tinseltown couples almost seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? These are couples that never seem to last very long, and when many of them do, it seems like more an on again off again situation. But there are some couples that seem to defy these … [Read more...]

Top 20 Guy Phrases Decoded

Don’t you ever just wish that you could have a translator every time your guy or the latest cute guy is hanging around? We spend so much time over analyzing every text and email and we still never seem to really get them. Find out what he really means, here are some of the top guy phrases decoded, translated into women’s speak. And maybe just maybe these will give you … [Read more...]