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Does Making Love Have to be Romantic?

Does it strike anyone else as being odd that when most people think of making love they think romance, soft lighting and gentle touches? How about when movies and television portray a couple “swept away” with passion? Aren’t those romantic images and seamless position changes wonderful? Of course they are, …

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Seduce Your Man

If you are in a relationship and want to spice things up a bit there are several small things you can do over the course of a day or even a whole week that will have him lusting for you. Over time relationships can slide into a comfortable but in …

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The Benefits of Porn in the Bedroom

For the experienced sexual lion and his lioness, incorporating porn in the bedroom can be a deliciously exciting way to work one another up into a fantastically erotic and intense sexual encounter in addition to keeping your sex life thriving, passionate and interesting.  By simply watching a few minutes and …

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5 Good Reasons to Call it Quits

Sometimes even the best-laid plans can go awry. How do you know when it’s time to call it quits on a relationship? Sometimes there are crystal-clear moments when you know it’s time to hang it up and walk away, but often the end sneaks up on you with subtle hints. …

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Need Sex Tips To Keep It Exciting?

Sex tips… We all want better sex right? There is one thing you need to know, the secret to better sex is to leave the bedroom. The bedroom. My, if those walls could talk. They’d give you narratives on which lover’s have walked in and out. Which guy had the …

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How To Get Your Man In The Mood

Need to get your man in the mood? It may sound impossible. Incredulous, perhaps, according to male folklore. But sometimes, your man may just not feel like getting laid. Barring the situations where the game is on, or the guys are over and it’s poker night, etc… a man can …

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