Dirty Talk Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Did you know dirty talk is good for you? It's true! Talking dirty to your partner can increase your sexual satisfaction. By telling your lover exactly what feels good and describing in detail what you want him to do, you are sure to reach a higher level of sexual pleasure. The better the satisfaction, the more health benefits. … [Read more...]

How to Talk Dirty in Public

Do you think dirty talk is something that can only be done in the privacy of your bedroom? Think again! Talking dirty in public is not only possible, it's hot fun that can light the spark under a relationship. Here are a few tips for talking dirty in public: Keep it Discreet. Of course, talking dirty in public can be fun…but it can also get you into a lot of trouble if … [Read more...]

Naughty Scenarios For The Adventurous Couple

So...just how brave are you? There are plenty of sexy scenarios that can liven up a relationship until it's smoking hot. But most of those are done in private, between just the two of you, and probably behind the closed doors of the bedroom. There's nothing wrong with that - in fact, we've often talked about how secrets between lovers can make relationships … [Read more...]