The Best Place for Naughty Talk

The best place for dirty talk is the place your partner least expects it. Taking him out of the normal routine and giving him something spicy to think about is the best way to get his attention -- and keep it until you get home, when you can give bring those naughty words to life! Try it when you're at the office party, and he's getting ready to talk to his boss. … [Read more...]

Public Dirty Talk Lesson: On The Beach

Talking dirty doesn't have to be done in the privacy of your bedroom! You can make things hotter by taking it elsewhere - and you can make things especially steamy by taking it public! But how can you pull off such a thing without embarrassing yourself or getting arrested? Being subtle and watching your partner for cues is the best way to keep things on the "down low" … [Read more...]

3 Things That May be Affecting Your Relationship Right Now

It seems sometimes like we women have the toughest jobs when it comes to relationships. We often feel like we are doing “all the work” and the men get off easy. The fact is, if this is the way that you are thinking, chances are your relationship may be headed for trouble before you even know it. There is no reason in the world where all the relationship “work” should be … [Read more...]

Another Dirty Talk Game!

Have you ever played Dirty Truth or Dare? It's the more adult version of truth or dare, and it's bound to open up new sexual horizons for you and your naughty partner. … [Read more...]