Webcams – The Brave New Sexual World

Webcams were originally meant for use in business, where they made it much easier to chat with each other when time was of the essence. Soon webcams were being used to bring families together over long distances, as well as to introduce long distance lovers to each other in a way that hadn't been capable in the past. And as you can imagine, those introductions quickly made … [Read more...]

Okay, This Is Awkward…Nobody Likes Your Partner?

When you're in the first blush of love or lust, everything can look rosy. You might be on cloud nine and think your partner can do no wrong. So it could be a shock when your friends and family give you the news: Nobody likes your partner. In fact, everybody wishes you would kick said partner to the curb and move on to someone...well, someone they liked a bit more. When … [Read more...]

How To Deal With The Uncomfortable Fetish

No matter how comfortable you are in your relationship, there are going to be times when your lover throws you for a real loop. Most sexual desires your partner expresses are going to turn you on, but what about those that you just aren't sure about? … [Read more...]