Cyber Sex Up your Long Distance Relationship

Just because you are in a long distance relationship doesn’t mean the hot and steamy days and nights have to be reduced to only happening when you visit one another.  Make a date for some good sex via webcam to ensure it feels like the distance is only a number. Before you connect, make sure you have all of your equipment ready so you don’t have to get up and interrupt … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk Cybersex: How to Make it Good

Cybersex is not a new fad. Long distance lovers have known about the power of cybersex for years, and they have been more than happy to try out their fantasies online. Talking dirty is one of the hallmarks of the cybersex session, so if you are "old school" and accustomed to phone sex, taking a walk on the wild internet side won't be that difficult for you. In fact, you … [Read more...]

How To Know Your Online Relationship Is The Real Deal

Meeting someone online used to be a joke -- it was the domain of losers who couldn't get laid in "real life." But over time, that attitude has changed, and now thousands of people every single day wind up in long-term relationships after meeting online. Online dating is no longer something odd, but something that many people see as a great way to date, especially if your … [Read more...]

Spicy Ideas For Sex Text Messages

What makes a good sex text message? It might seem simple to get the party started over the phone line, but many people find themselves tongue-tied...or finger-tied, so to speak, when it comes time to get somebody off with their words. How do you begin? What do you say? And what is the etiquette when you've finished and done the text sex deed? … [Read more...]