Top 11 Male Online Dating Profiles Decoded

Well girls, it’s the 21st century, and dating has taken on an all new life form. It’s quite the booming business, and dating online seems more “the norm” than it did in days gone by. Everybody’s doing it, and you hear a new “they’re getting married, oh did you know they met online?” story every day. Are you looking for your soulmate online? Coming from a girl who has read … [Read more...]

Think Only Women Strip? Gather Round, Boys…

When you hear the word "stripper" you probably think of a woman. After all, women are traditionally those who know their way around a stage and a stripper's pole, while men are the ones who sit and watch the action. Sure, there are the Chippendales...but nobody takes that seriously, do they? You might be surprised at just what your woman will take seriously! She will … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Get HIM To Call YOU

Yes, there was a day when we all would sit by our phones and wait for the phone call. Oh, we’d put the TV on, or do things around the house to “feel” busy like we weren’t really waiting for him to call...but we were. Nowadays women have gotten a little more independent, and we don’t really need him to call ALL the time, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped WANTING him to … [Read more...]

Dirty Talk to Relieve His Bedroom Anxiety

How many times have you heard a man brag about his conquests? They sound like the most confident people in the world when they talk about the great time they had in the sack. But there's a secret men don't want you to know, one that will make you see them in a whole different light! … [Read more...]

8 Dating Truths You Need To Wake Up To Right Now

The recent hit “He’s Just Not That Into You” has opened up woman’s eyes a little bit when it comes to dating. We as women, because we are the emotional gender, have a tendency to go a little overboard sometimes. This leads to needy desperate behavior that kills a relationship before it even started. The movie really showed us that there are some truths out there that … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Decode His Cuddle Quotient

We as women have finally reached a point in our evolution where we finally know better than to ask the dreaded question during cuddle time. You know that question. That question we’ve all been guilty of asking at least one time or another when we are in a blissful state, sense that he is too, and that his bliss is going to lead him down a path of honesty that he would … [Read more...]

Men, Gather Round – A Quick Dirty Talk Primer

Men, we get it - you are often at a loss when it comes to talking dirty to women. You've been taught to respect your feminine counterparts, and sometimes the thought of talking dirty to the woman you love (or lust after) can strike fear into your respectful heart! What if you say something in the heat of passion that doesn't set well with her? What if you reveal yourself … [Read more...]

Talking Dirty To Both Men And Women

Often, dirty talk articles and advice tends to focus on how to talk to a man or a woman...but rarely do you come across an article that discusses how to talk dirty to both! In a society where the ideas and thoughts about sexuality are constantly changing, people are more open about their orientation than ever before. Fifty years ago, it was considered "dirty" to be gay or … [Read more...]

2 Of His Hot Zones You May Have Been Missing

Warning ladies, this may not be for the faint of heart, but we aren’t taking you anywhere hard core here. When it comes to sex, there are very few women who know all of the tricks, and how to do them well. While we ALL have a few good tricks up our sleeve, we can all use a few more, can’t we? With women, our bodies are complex entities, particularly when it comes to … [Read more...]

4 Signs He IS Just That Into You

The beginning stages of anything are very complicated for all of us. And they are more complicating for women because we spend so much time trying to decipher signals, read signs, and get a good ‘read’ on whether or not he really truly likes us. And though women have no issue blurting out “I like you! I really really like you!” , men are not so quick to the uptake on … [Read more...]

How to Introduce Toys To The “Sensitive” Man

It might sound crazy, but it's true - some men have a serious problem with sex toys. A good friend of mine considers himself very open about all things sexual, but when his wife brought home a vibrator, he freaked right out. "Why did she have that? Wasn't I enough to satisfy her? What was I doing wrong?" Despite hearing all the evidence to the contrary, he fell into the … [Read more...]