More Sexy Gift Ideas For Your Dirty Valentine!

Need more ideas for what to get your Valentine this year? We started out with a naughty list in yesterday's post, and now we're back with more unique ideas that are sure to get your lover hot and bothered! Which one of these naughty gifts will have both of you begging for more? … [Read more...]

Webcams – The Brave New Sexual World

Webcams were originally meant for use in business, where they made it much easier to chat with each other when time was of the essence. Soon webcams were being used to bring families together over long distances, as well as to introduce long distance lovers to each other in a way that hadn't been capable in the past. And as you can imagine, those introductions quickly made … [Read more...]

Public Dirty Talk? It Can Be Done!

Who doesn't like to show off a bit? Even the most introverted of us have moments of wanting to be recognized for something, even if that recognition is only from one person among a sea of people. That's part of the appeal of public dirty talk -- the sea of people around you has no idea what is really going through your head, and the only person who truly knows is the … [Read more...]

The Biggest Dirty Talk Blunder You Could Make

When you first began getting into dirty talk, you probably paid attention to every little detail that would rev up your dirty words. Talking naughty took you to new heights, both on a personal level and in your relationship. You were having fun, baby, and so was your lover! But over time, that dirty talk might have become a bit tame, and you might be a bit frustrated … [Read more...]

Slow Down, Buckaroo…Foreplay Matters!

Do you ever wonder why your girl gets frustrated with you during a night you expect to be nothing but a wild sexual romp? Have you often had a bit of fun and then realized that while you were cruising along in a high gear, she was barely out of first? If you experience this problem with your beloved, you might need to take a step back and learn a bit more about a very … [Read more...]

4 Tips To Get Away With Dirty Talk In Public

So you want to talk dirty to your partner...but there are so many people around that almost anyone will be able to hear your conversation? You've still got options! Don't let a little problem like being in a public place keep you from getting your dirty mind on...and give your guy the thrill of his life with your bold and sassy moves. Here are a few tips to get away … [Read more...]

Look, Baby…It’s All In The Hands!

A mind-blowing orgasm doesn't have to include every position you can imagine and every trick in the book. Actually, it's easy to take a man to the heights of pleasure with just two elements...your dirty mouth and your oh-so-dirty hands. Don't think it can be done? Try a few of these dirty techniques and then bask in the glory as your man whimpers and moans something … [Read more...]

Okay, This Is Awkward…Nobody Likes Your Partner?

When you're in the first blush of love or lust, everything can look rosy. You might be on cloud nine and think your partner can do no wrong. So it could be a shock when your friends and family give you the news: Nobody likes your partner. In fact, everybody wishes you would kick said partner to the curb and move on to someone...well, someone they liked a bit more. When … [Read more...]

Dirty Secrets You Should Never Tell

When you are in love and planning a future with someone, keeping secrets might not seem like a good thing. Every secret is a small brick in a wall between the two of you, and the more bricks you have, the harder it will be to climb over that wall. But what about those secrets concerning your fantasies or your sexual past? Sometimes, talking about your secrets with your … [Read more...]

What Makes A Relationship…And What Doesn’t?

If you've ever been in a phone sex relationship, a long-distance love affair, or even an internet tryst, you might be familiar with the question of what sex really is...or what it really isn't. Or what makes a relationship "real" - and what doesn't. … [Read more...]

How To Write Your Own Dirty Story

From time to time we've suggested writing your own dirty story as a way of turning your partner on and spurring the dirty talk fun. But what if you don't quite know where to start? This little guide might help, so read on! … [Read more...]