Dirty Talk And Bondage

We've talked about dirty talk and spanking, but what about another option in the naughty catalog...dirty talk and bondage! Have you ever lusted to tie your partner to the bed and ravish his body? Have you ever wanted to be tied down and helpless yourself? Light bondage is something many couples are into. Tying up your partner gives you a delicious feeling of being … [Read more...]

3 Things You Need To Know Before Your Male Friend Becomes Your Boyfriend

Every woman that has ever had a male friend has fallen into this sort of “dilemma”. Your wonderful and attractive male friend has started to look a little differently to you. Is he cuter today or is it just you? Is he being exceptionally sweet or is it just you? Did that comment actually sound like flirting, or is it just you? It is so easy to feel attracted to someone of … [Read more...]