That Case of the Giggles…

I have to admit, the first time I tried talking dirty with my partner, I thought it was a dismal failure. Why? I couldn't keep a straight face! Even in the heat of passion, when I said something I thought was hot, it would immediately send me off into a fit of giggles. If you do get a case of the giggles, remember -- it's just nerves! You're nervous about talking dirty, … [Read more...]

A Dirty Talk Psychology Lesson

Even after all of your best efforts, talking dirty might not come easily. You might have read every one of these blog posts (and if you haven't, well, you should!). You tried out the fantastic Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty. You gave all the tips and tricks a good try. But you're standing in front of your partner, ready to hop into bed, and you want to tell him exactly … [Read more...]

Nibble Your Way To A Night Of Passion

Chocolate is by far the most widely known and celebrated aphrodisiac – a food that can increase your sexual appetite. And thanks to scientific research, we now know about several more delicious foods that can be used to get your lover in the mood. Before we get to the fun stuff, we need to take a quick look at the foods that may be getting in the way of you getting it … [Read more...]

101 Confidence Boosters

1. Have a hot, sexy romp in bed - all day long 2. Get a manicure and pedicure 3. Go to a bar and flirt outrageously with the cute bartender 4. Strap on a pair of high heels while doing the laundry 5. Wear your sexiest lingerie under your business suit 6. Have a one-night stand 7. Walk around the house naked all day 8. Make a list of compliments others … [Read more...]

Dark Room Means More Sensual Lovemaking

There’s just something about having to count on what you hear, taste and touch instead of only what you see with your eyes that can make even a typical sexual encounter into something that is much more. Sure, confidence in your looks, shape and abilities may make you feel that in the dark you are hiding something, but in reality doing it in the dark can bring you much … [Read more...]

3 Habits In The Bedroom You May Want To Break

We all have our way of doing things, don’t we? This applies to every part of life, and the bedroom is certainly no different. When it comes to our bedroom routine, many of us even pride ourselves on the notion that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. But even the most experienced partner, or the most loving relationship can fall into a bit of a rut. When it comes to … [Read more...]

Top 5 Clues That Let Him Know You Are Faking

Oh yes, we’ve all been there. Research shows that 70% of us women have done the deed at least once, or at least faked the deed. And the other 30%... are lying. This is a true fact. Every woman that wants to read this article wants to because they know they’ve been faking and are wondering if he does too. It’s one thing to fake it, but an entirely other issue to get … [Read more...]

You Wanna Be On Top? 4 Reasons Why You Should!

How many “what’s your favourite sexual position” quizzes are you going to take before you take the plunge? Or, shall we say, rise to the top. Why is it that this sexual position is the most difficult for us to take on? Most women I know will answer any other position first when asked what their favourite sexual position is. I started doing an informal poll with some … [Read more...]

How I Became a Dirty Talkin’ Mama

I know I can’t be the only Dirty Talker who has faced this dilemma: how to make a smooth transition from baby talk to dirty talk. When you’re a new parent, it seems like sex may never happen again, and sometimes a woman’s libido can be incredibly slow to return. But, with a little effort, it is possible to find a happy medium between being parents and being down-and-dirty … [Read more...]

3 Simple Steps to Take if You’re About to Have ‘The Talk’

There are no two words in the English language that strike fear faster than ‘The Talk’. Here we have a situation that is fraught with anxiety and fear. Why? Because if The Talk does not go the way that you want it to, then the consequences can be devastating. And this is the case whether you are looking for a relationship or not. Who wants to lose someone that they … [Read more...]