Keeping it Strong Across the Miles

You know that old saying about how distance makes the heart grow fonder? Well, it's true - if you know how to keep the distance hot and spicy! Revving up a relationship over the miles can be tough. Sometimes it seems as though geography, times zones, and a million other necessary annoyances are conspiring against you and your beloved. It might seem difficult to keep the … [Read more...]

The Only 3 Things You Need to Make an LDR Work!

Nobody likes the Long Distance Relationship. The LDR. The people that say they do are the ones that are ‘making the best of it’ and making it work. And every relationship takes a lot of energy, a lot of work, and a lot of time. Add some distance into the equation and the energy and time required quadruple. If you are considering getting involved in an LDR, or wondering if … [Read more...]

Cyber Sex Up your Long Distance Relationship

Just because you are in a long distance relationship doesn’t mean the hot and steamy days and nights have to be reduced to only happening when you visit one another.  Make a date for some good sex via webcam to ensure it feels like the distance is only a number. Before you connect, make sure you have all of your equipment ready so you don’t have to get up and interrupt … [Read more...]

Webcams – The Brave New Sexual World

Webcams were originally meant for use in business, where they made it much easier to chat with each other when time was of the essence. Soon webcams were being used to bring families together over long distances, as well as to introduce long distance lovers to each other in a way that hadn't been capable in the past. And as you can imagine, those introductions quickly made … [Read more...]

Tips for Long-Distance Dirty Talk

You might know the feeling: your partner is far away, but you are both horny, and you want it now. So you have phone sex, or you hit up cyber and turn on the webcam, but none of it seems to be enough. You want something more than what you are getting through the internet modem and the phone lines. That's where the real world and the virtual one collide. If you and … [Read more...]

How to Talk Dirty When You Speak Different Languages

Do you love that sweet Irish brogue? Does that Australian accent turn you on something fierce? Do you love that interesting British accent? How about just a deep southern drawl, straight from the lower U.S. states? If you love the sound of someone's accent, you will probably adore hearing them speak naughty things to you in a different language. It's easy to understand … [Read more...]

What Makes A Relationship…And What Doesn’t?

If you've ever been in a phone sex relationship, a long-distance love affair, or even an internet tryst, you might be familiar with the question of what sex really is...or what it really isn't. Or what makes a relationship "real" - and what doesn't. … [Read more...]