More on Dirty Cyber!

Last week I promised you a bit more on the dirty talk while cybersex theme, and I'm here to deliver! When you're giving good cyber to your virtual partner, it's always a good idea to have a scenario in mind. Some of the hottest cybersex comes from having a dirty talk scenario in your head long before you ever sit down in front of the keyboard. What kind of scenarios … [Read more...]

8 Words You Can Text Right Now To Start Dirty Talk

There is a dirty talker in all of us, believe it or not. Any woman in this day and age who is involved in a romantic and sexually active relationship yearns to take her relationship to that “next level” with a little bit of dirty talk, if she hasn’t done so already. The problem is that for so long, society has forbidden us to do so, and as a result, some of us are a little … [Read more...]

Giving Good Dirty Talk to Your Man

So your man has asked you to talk dirty to him, but you're not sure what to say. It's a problem that many people run into when it's time to become intimate. What if you're not in the mood for dirty talk? What if you don't know what to say because you're embarrassed or worried that your partner will laugh at you? … [Read more...]

How to Talk Dirty Subjects

When the subject of dirty talk comes up, so many people just don't know what to say! It's not that they are shy or even that they don't have experience with dirty talk. Sometimes it's simply a matter of not knowing what particular subject would best fit the mood of the moment. … [Read more...]