That Case of the Giggles…

I have to admit, the first time I tried talking dirty with my partner, I thought it was a dismal failure. Why? I couldn't keep a straight face! Even in the heat of passion, when I said something I thought was hot, it would immediately send me off into a fit of giggles. If you do get a case of the giggles, remember -- it's just nerves! You're nervous about talking dirty, … [Read more...]

More Dirty Talk Tips!

When you are in the mood to talk dirty to your partner, these tips will come in quite handy. Which ones will help you make the most of your naughty experience? … [Read more...]

Talking Tough Part 3: Making up is fun to do!

The fight is over. Even if you haven’t come to an agreement, you’ve at least come to an understanding and taken the time to really listen to each other. By now, your tempers have cooled, and that familiar passionate feeling you have toward your lover is creeping back in. … [Read more...]