Dirty Talk Cybersex: How to Make it Good

Cybersex is not a new fad. Long distance lovers have known about the power of cybersex for years, and they have been more than happy to try out their fantasies online. Talking dirty is one of the hallmarks of the cybersex session, so if you are "old school" and accustomed to phone sex, taking a walk on the wild internet side won't be that difficult for you. In fact, you … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Sexting!

Of course you've heard by now that sexting is all the rage, not just among teenagers, but among adults as well. In fact, according to AARP, more and more mature adults are jumping on the hot and sexy texting bandwagon. Are you on the sexting bandwagon yet? If you're not, you should be...and here are the top 6 reasons why. … [Read more...]

Talking Dirty Etiquette: Talking Dirty Online

Sometimes it seems like the whole internet is talking dirty. So it can be easy to assume that everyone wants to hear your dirty talk. But when you're playing on a community forum on the internet, keep in mind that there are hundreds, if not thousands of people reading what your write, each with their own different opinions, kinks, and desires. So where does the talking … [Read more...]