Phone Sex: Less Planning Than You May Expect

Phone sex may sound like a joke to some couples, but for many, it’s the only way for them to get in some hot naughty time together. With Internet dating increasing in popularity, couples are often falling in love and getting together even though they live in entirely different times zones, or even continents. If this is the case for you, or even if you’re just unable to … [Read more...]

First Internet Date – Two Tips to Make it Succesful

You’ve weeded through the mire of the many oh-so-traditional (and maybe some not-so-traditional) dating sites, having spent precious time balanced between excitement and disappointment, to have finally (and hopefully) found someone worthy of devoting your time; and yes, you’ve agreed to a face-to-face meeting. … [Read more...]

How To Know Your Online Relationship Is The Real Deal

Meeting someone online used to be a joke -- it was the domain of losers who couldn't get laid in "real life." But over time, that attitude has changed, and now thousands of people every single day wind up in long-term relationships after meeting online. Online dating is no longer something odd, but something that many people see as a great way to date, especially if your … [Read more...]

Online Dating: Separate the Men from the Boys

If you've had any experience with online dating, you know that even the best profiles can bring in some looney responses. The situation is even worse if you are looking for something more than a quick fling or a one-night stand, but you keep getting emails that tell you just how hard a nameless, faceless guy wants to do you. Always, without fail, these emails come with … [Read more...]